A closer look at our Premium Brands Part 3: Solar Panels

A closer look at our Premium Brands Part 3: Solar Panels

When looking at our premium Jackson Solar, LLC brands, it is important to look into the types of products used for capturing energy. At Jackson Solar, we use Silfab and Q-cell technology to capture the solar radiation released from the sun. What exactly is the process of energy capturing? Well, in order to take the sun and turn it into energy, it must first be captured and converted in order to power your home. 

There are different technologies that can be used for energy capture and manipulation, such as photovoltaic cells, concentrated solar energy and solar architecture. Solar energy can be captured by the sun through the method of active solar energy or passive solar energy. Passive solar energy is when a building is designed with climate in mind. Specific passive designs take  advantage of the local climate providing heat in the winter and are designed to reflect sunlight during the summer. Solar technology that Jackson Solar uses is the active solar energy method, which usually requires mechanical or electrical devices to convert the solar energy into heat or or electricity. 

Solar panels are the active, mechanical technology used to capture solar energy. We will talk more about specifically how solar panels work in a later blog, but today we will focus on the Solar Panels we use!

Silfab is the leading solar manufacturer for North America. Their panels work great for homes in our country because they are specifically designed for our climate. They incorporate automation, advanced robotics and the most recent innovations in solar energy into their design process to produce high quality, efficient, reliable panels with one of the leading defect rates in the solar energy industry. They are also engineered under strict quality controls. Silfab has been in the industry for more than 40 years and continues to work toward making their process more and more sustainable every day!

Q-cells are also a solar panel company that Jackson Solar uses and trusts. They serve the U.S. market and rank number one in market share leaderboards. They develop everything from high performance solar power plants, supplementary energy supply solutions, single source and solar modules and solar systems. Qcells are doing panels for residential homes, businesses commercial and industrial and have even developed utility, renewable power plants into power generation to benefit communities. Hanwaha Solutions Corporation, who produces the equipment, is also committed to their ethical, social responsibility in being honest and doing business with integrity. Jackson Solar is proud to be an installer of such an ethical company. 

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