If you’re interested in saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, installing a solar panel system on your home is a great solution. Here are a few of the reasons why installing solar with Jackson Solar LLC is the smart choice for Jackson, Missouri and Cape Girardeau County homeowners:

Save money.
With premium solar systems from Jackson Solar, you’ll see a significant reduction in your electricity bills from day one. Our goal is to provide a solar system with a payoff time of less than 10 years and ensure our customers get the highest quality solar with the best return on investment over the lifespan of the system.

Benefit from tax incentives. At Jackson Solar, we help our customers take advantage of tax incentives. As of 2021, homeowners can take a federal Investment Tax Credit for up to 30 percent of the total cost of installing solar. The ITC for residential projects is currently scheduled to step down in the future. More information below.

Curb your carbon emissions.
Producing your own solar energy offsets carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel-based power plants, improving air quality for everyone.

Invest in the future. Residential solar energy systems are a smart investment in your future. Once the initial cost of solar is recouped from the energy you’re producing, the sun’s energy is free, protecting you from ever increasing utility rates.

Support a locally owned solar business. When you work with a local solar panel installation company you’re helping generate local jobs and sustainable economic growth. Additionally if you require service or have any questions, you have a tangible and reliable option for your needs.


The Federal Tax Incentive is currently a 30% Tax Credit toward your federal taxes. Some companies mislead you to believe that this comes in the form of a check in the mail once you've installed your solar system. This is not true. A 30% Tax Credit for you solar installation means that 30% of the total installation cost can be taken off your federal tax liability that you owe each year when you do your taxes. If you generally owe a lot of federal tax then this discount will make up for itself rather quickly. 


Net Metering includes the installation of a bi-direction electric meter on your home and is at the base of your cost savings. Net metering allows any extra electricity that you produce to be sent back into the utility grid and to turn your electric meter backwards. At the end of the month, your meter is read as the power you consumed minus the power you produced and you are charged the difference. This is usually only available on a first come, first serve basis and is only allowed for a certain percentage of peak demand on a utility grid. For Jackson, Missouri Net Metering is available to Customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the total rated generating capacity of Net Metering systems equals five percent (5%) of the Electric Utility’s single hour peak demand during the previous year. Currently there is still plenty of Net Metering available for Jackson, Missouri and this makes it possible to have a short payoff time for your solar installation.


A battery backup system for your home operates similar to a generator and works automatically with your solar system. Any extra energy that is captured by your system is stored in the battery and can be used when the grid goes down and to help offset peak demand hours. 

Save even more money.
With select premium battery backup systems, you can choose to feed your home during your peak electrical demand hours and store any extra energy produced beyond your inverter's output capacity.

Benefit from tax incentives. A battery backup system is included in installation cost, and therefor included in tax incentives.

Become grid independent. 
Producing your own solar energy and storing it means that if the utility grid goes down, you will still have power for your home. Within milliseconds, your solar system automatically detects the loss of grid power and switches over to your battery backup system.

Safety for your family. With dangerous ice storms and weather in the midwest region, it is possible to lose grid power for days. With a solar battery backup system, you can stay warm and have power to keep the lights on and stay up to date with your local news.


Tired of high fuel prices? Why not drive using free fuel produced by the sun and your solar panel installation from Jackson Solar? This of course requires a purchase of an electric vehicle, but with current tax incentives and electric vehicle prices you can not only significantly offset your carbon emissions, but also drive in a vehicle that can pay for itself!

Maximize your savings.
With premium solar panel installations from Jackson Solar and the purchase of an electric vehicle, you can save tons of money on fuel costs. Imagine if you drive 120 miles a week. At 20 mpg and $4/gallon, that is $104 per month in fuel costs. You can use just a small portion of your solar energy output on a home solar installation to avoid these costs.

Benefit from even more tax incentives. As of 2022 you can still receive a tax credit of up to $7500 on electric vehicle purchases. A comprehensive list can be found here: Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicles (IRC 30D)

Lower your carbon emissions.
A popular misconception is that electric vehicles are worse for the environment than gasoline vehicles. However estimates based on the EPA suggest that you can save between 40 and 70 metric tons of CO2 (or more) from being emitted within 10 years of driving an electric vehicle powered completely by solar. That includes manufacturing and disposal! 

Invest in the alternative. Residential solar energy systems combined with electric vehicles are a smart investment - especially if you commute quite a bit. It is a very realistic possibility that your home solar installation can pay for itself, a new electric car, and additionally still give many years of free electricity.

Featured: 2022 Nissan LEAF


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"An ethical solution at an ethical price." 
Jackson Solar LLC is locally owned and operated in Jackson, MO. The belief of our company is that providing environmentally ethical solar energy generation systems, should come at a fair, honest, and ethical price, and that communities, no matter how big or small should work together to provide a cleaner earth for our generation and generations to come. Jackson Solar aims for transparency in pricing, education, and loyal customer service provided to the community for now and many years to come!