Installation FAQS:

Why Should I Choose Jackson Solar Over Another Company?

We have some very unique benefits included with your system installation including:

Indoor Inverter Installation To Maximize Output And Production Efficiencies. This practice can save you thousands of dollars more, as inverters in conditioned spaces last longer, and operate much more efficiently

System Monitoring App with 25 Years of Monitoring at No Additional Cost. Other companies carry thousands of dollars in future costs for homeowners for System Monitoring as they connect inverters to the internet via 5 year LTE cellular plans.

Free Weekly Monitoring From Jackson Solar Year 1. Year 2-25 Free Monthly Monitoring. Free Servicing and Repair for Product or Workmanship Failures That Fall Under Warranty.

Complete Professional Installation, All Materials, Permits, Engineering, and Activation

Optional Free On-Site 6 Month Post Installation Inspection

25 Year Warranty on Workmanship In Addition To Product And Performance Warranties


Do you install or service Off-Grid Solar Systems?

Currently Off-Grid Installations void the 12-25 year product warranties on most inverters and components. Systems are designed and warrantied for Net-metering and so at this time we are not installing or servicing off-grid systems.


Do you offer a warranty on your installations?

Yes. In addition to all of the products we install carrying their own 25 year product warranty, we have a 25 year workmanship warranty for the work we do installing the products.


Are you another Solar Sales Company that goes Door-to-Door and/or contracts out all of the work?

No. We handle all of the process from Design to Activation in house here in Jackson, MO. Since everything we do is local, when you choose Jackson Solar, you are supporting local jobs and local community growth. This also allows us to save you thousands on your installation!


Are you Licensed?

Yes. We Are Licensed Electricians With Over 12 Years of Experience And Education In The Field Of Solar. We have passed many years of rigorous training and nationally accredited tests for our electrical licensing. In addition, our team holds various collegiate degrees in Sustainable Energy Systems, Electrochemistry, and the like with many levels of honors, awards, and even Summa Cum Laude. Combined with our owner/operator having all of the above, and over 12 years of hands on experience in the field, we are certainly are some of the most qualified to do the job and do it right.


Are you Insured?

Yes. We Carry Substantial Insurance. You can be confident knowing that you and your home are completely covered, as well as our crew.


What sets Jackson Solar apart from other companies? What are your Qualifications?

The owner/operator of Jackson Solar was born and raised in Jackson, MO and has over 12 years of experience in the field of solar including; system design engineering, electrical engineering, installation, and more, is a graduate with Magna Cum Laude from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Energy Systems as it relates to Solar, and a graduate from Kilgore College in Texas with a 4.0 with a degree in Electrochemistry. Many of our installers hold degrees in Electrochemistry, and have 10+ years of hands on work in the construction field. At Jackson Solar our goal is to provide you with the best and most professional services in the industry all while maintaining our standard of being an honest, reliable, and ethical solar company. Jackson Solar LLC is a proud member of MOSEIA - Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association and strictly upholds the code of ethics set forth by the association. Ameren Missouri recommends MOSEIA members for solar installations. We are also pleased to be members of both the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce and the Cape Chamber of Commerce


How long will my installation take?

The process before installation can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, and can include several steps such as HOA approval, permitting, inspections, and utility approval. The installation itself can be completed in as little as one day with large installations taking up to a few days. Most installations take less than a day.


Do I need to be home for the installation?
We won’t ask you to swing a hammer, but we do ask that someone over the age of 18 be present for the installation. Your installers will also appreciate it if dogs and other pets are kept clear from their work area so they can focus on providing you the best service possible without distraction. 

Maintenance FAQS:

Do solar panels need to be maintained?
Because there are no moving parts, solar panels don’t require routine maintenance. In the rare case that a panel becomes defective, most manufacturer's will replace the panel under their warranty.
What happens if my roof leaks?
Roof leaks are extremely rare, however, if there is a roof leak caused by your solar system, our workmanship warranty covers repairs for issues like this at no cost to you.
What if I need to replace my roof?
Most roofing companies are familiar with solar and will work with us to schedule the removal of your panels so roof work can begin. We currently have the option to purchase a "roof replacement" of your solar panel system at a discounted cost if you buy it upfront with your system. Once the new roof is installed, we will again be called out to re-install your solar panels for a fee, if you have not already pre-purchased
What happens if my system needs serviced?
We Are A Local Installer Based In Jackson, MO. Which Means Local Contact, Support and Service As Soon As Same-Day On Your Investment. Also The Added Benefit Of Supporting Local Jobs And Community Growth. Additionally, since we are the only local installation company, in many cases, Jackson Solar is contracted as the ones to service system warranty work and repairs from other companies. The biggest difference is having a Jackson Solar install, you receive priority, and most of the time Same-Day service that is free of charge should the need arise.

Power FAQS:

Is it possible to add a battery or more panels to my system in the future?
It is possible to add batteries or additional panels later, it’s typically less expensive to have everything completed at the initial installation because it’s less labor intensive and you won’t need to worry about upgrading your inverter.
What happens when the power goes out?
Because your system is tied to the electrical grid, it’s designed with an automatic kill switch to ensure no electricity can flow from your panels into the grid, making it safe for electrical workers to troubleshoot and repair utility equipment when the power goes out. If you add backup batteries, you’ll still be able to power essential appliances and lights in your home in the event of a power outage.
How do I know if my system is producing power?
There are now apps available that allow you to monitor your system’s production! Ask us for more details.

Other FAQS:

How will solar impact my property values?
Potential buyers would rather purchase a home that doesn’t have an electric bill and they’d be willing to pay more for it, that’s common sense. Real estate transaction data has shown that homes with solar typically sell faster and for a higher price than equivalent homes without solar. However logic suggests that the value of your home is increased by half the value of electricity left in your solar panel system. If you overpaid for your installation, you end up creating a liability, that many homebuyers may turn away from. 
What happens if I move?
If you sell your home before your solar loan is paid off or your PPA contract is over, your lender can help you transfer the balance of the agreement to the new homeowner. Another option is to add the value of the balance of your solar agreement to the asking price of your home and use the proceeds of the transaction to pay the system off.
Is my new solar system covered by my homeowners insurance?
Almost all insurance companies have solar panel coverage that can easily be added to your policy.
Will I still have a utility bill?
Many utility companies include minimum fees and surcharges on your bill that are not related to your energy consumption. In those areas, these fixed fees will still show up on your utility bill even if your panels produce 100% of the energy you use.




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