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Engineering System Monitoring and System Service Subscription For New Systems

Engineering System Monitoring and System Service Subscription For New Systems

$199.00 USD

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To ensure your system stays up to date and remains fine tuned for the most optimum production, Jackson Solar offers monthly system monitoring and an extended system labor warranty. Each month our engineers will remotely look at your system to make sure that your system is at top performance. If you have a part failure on your solar system including, but not limited to: solar panels, optimizers, or inverters as is included under your product’s warranty, we will diagnose, locate, and replace in most cases within 48 hours and as soon as Same-Day for free. In addition, this Subscription goes beyond the manufacturer's labor warranty to cover labor costs of replacing warranted products. Jackson Solar's Monthly Monitoring and Service Subscription means you can remain worry free, knowing that your system is operating at full production and that the cost of labor for servicing is free! The first year of this service is included in each installation.

Why Choose This Service?

Statistically speaking, service calls for solar panel systems are made at least once every two years. While most products carry a 25 year warranty, most do not include a labor warranty for servicing and replacing faulty products. If they do, it is at a partial compensation rate that does not fully cover the cost of labor for the warranty work. Most service calls are $500 or more for the cost of repair. For a low annual fee, you can not only gaining peace of mind for a fully functioning system, but you are also saving time and money for your system optimization and maintenance.

What Is Included:

● Monthly remote full system monitoring by a system engineer and automatic warranty RMA triggering for service and replacement
● Free labor on warranty work on your entire system including but not limited to; solar panels, optimizers, and inverters
● The First 20 miles of Truck Roll servicing
● First Priority On System Servicing
● Worry Free Annual Automatic Subscription


What Is The Cost?

Engineer System Monitoring and System Service Annual Subscription Cost:


Example: If you have a 12 kW system, that is 12,000 watts. Your annual subscription fee would be $199/yr or roughly $16.50/mo.

This is the equivalent of between just 3-5% of your total yearly system production. By comparison, one service call on a system with no labor warranty would be 25-35% of your yearly system production. Not to mention the loss of system production due to the time it would ordinarily take to notice a faulty component. As you can see by choosing our Engineer System Monitoring and System Service Subscription, you are maximizing your system production, saving a lot of time and worry on maintenance, and saving even more money

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