Jackson Solar - Investing In Solar Panels

Jackson Solar - Investing In Solar Panels

Viewing Solar Panels as an Investment 


Do you have money invested in the stock market? Have you ever purchased extra property as an investment? What about solar as an investment? It’s true, solar panels on your home from Jackson Solar are not only an investment, but one that stands above other types of investments. Here’s why. 


First, let’s start out with the S&P 500. The average ROI (or Return On Investment) is 9.8% with a great risk involved. We all know it, it’s just the way the stock market works. Not only do we know it, we are very interested and quick to get ourselves involved in hopes to produce a great ROI on our invested money. 


Now, let’s look at solar panels from Jackson Solar. We must assure you, this is unique and specific to where Jackson Solar prices are currently at. This does NOT apply on solar with other companies pricing, this does not include sales upcharges other companies add on, and as for Jackson Solar, is subject to change based on what prices you’re quoted at as prices may vary with time.


Current pricing at Jackson Solar for an 8kw system is 12,950 after the tax credit, for example. Regardless of the system size Jackson Solar customers purchase, the ROI with the money saved on your utility bill is IMMEDIATELY 10% per year. That’s 0.2% ABOVE the S&P 500. Solar panel investments with Jackson Solar are 1) avoiding the risk of the market and 2) a WARRANTED investment. This means that if something happens to your panels and they are not functioning, they will be up and running in no time with no extra cost to the buyer. 


Let’s look at inflation. If the standard 3% of inflation is included, the lifetime Year-Over-Year return on a solar investment in the Jackson Solar Service Area and with Jackson Solar Pricing averages 15% over the course of the 25 years of warranted panels. 


Solar Panels on your home from Jackson Solar are a sturdy, reliable investment. No need to worry about market volatility or bonds being called. You can begin saving money and getting ROI immediately with a solar installation in the Cape County area with Jackson Solar! Why wait any longer? Visit our website today for a free online consultation. www.JacksonSolarLLC.com 

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