The Difference Between Local, Solar Installation Companies and Contracted, Out of Town, Solar Installation Companies

The Difference Between Local, Solar Installation Companies and Contracted, Out of Town, Solar Installation Companies

We know in Southeast Missouri there are a lot of “Solar Sales” companies that are going door to door to sell solar. This is great for getting the word out about what Solar can do for you. However, there are some things that solar customers need to be aware of, and one of those aspects is having an installation done by an out of town installer. 

Jackson Solar over the past month of severe weather has had roughly three service request related calls a week by people who purchased solar in Southeast Missouri before our business started. As much as we wish we could say that solar technology is in perfect condition, the truth is that it is not. This should not hinder anyone from going solar, but there are things to keep in mind that are different from purchasing another technological product like a television or a new fridge. It’s better to think of purchasing solar in line with purchasing a new car. 

Would you purchase a new car without a dealer to maintain it nearby? Hopefully not. This is the same for solar. Your car will need maintenance. Weather and different seasons will impact your vehicle, as they will your solar system. For example, we had a client who had lightning strike their solar system and the electricity of their entire house was shut off. This impairment calls for basic maintenance that should take roughly an hour to complete. However, these clients purchased solar from a local “solar salesman” who worked for a company contracting solar from an out of town company. Their wait time for maintenance was one week. Obviously, it is unreasonable to ask a family to wait a week for a technical restart on their solar system when they are out of power, but unfortunately this is a reality of the solar industry when significant travel is required. This is a worst case scenario situation, but we have had customers who have needed resets on a panel or two here and there, noticing they are not producing their full potential. Again, these are simply fixes for someone to hop over and fix locally. 

Going Solar with Jackson Solar in Southeast Missouri means that maintenance is included with your system. Jackson Solar clients get top priority and we guarantee we can get actively working on problem solving system maintenance within 24 hours. We are able to do this because we are local and we care for our customers and community. When a customer commits to going solar, they are not only getting all of their money toward their system and not a salesman, but they are getting someone locally who is reviewing their system functions monthly without any additional cost. This is the least we can do for our customers to make sure that we are continuing to provide an “Ethical Solution at an Ethical Price”. Complimentary energy consultations are available for families interested in going solar today on our website. Visit for more information! 

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