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Site Takeover

Site Takeover

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Jackson Solar - Site Takeover Service

At Jackson Solar, we are pleased to offer our exclusive "Site Takeover" service for systems equipped with Generac, SolarEdge, or Enphase inverters. This service allows you to seamlessly transfer your existing solar installation from its original installer into our comprehensive service network, ensuring you receive the highest level of support and maintenance.

Service Details:

  • System Compatibility: Our "Site Takeover" service is available for installations featuring Generac, SolarEdge, or Enphase inverters.
  • Operational Requirement: The transfer is contingent upon your system being fully operational and passing our stringent inspection process.
  • Inspection: To ensure the system meets our standards, a mandatory inspection is required. The inspection fee is separate from the stated service fee.
  • Comprehensive Support: If your system requires any repairs to meet our operational standards, additional charges for repairs will apply. These will be invoiced along with the inspection and Site Takeover fees.
  • Seamless Transfer: Once approved, your system will benefit from our expert maintenance and support, along with reliable and fast local service, giving you peace of mind and the assurance of optimal performance.
  • Engineering System Monitoring and System Service Subscription Qualification: Once we have completed the Site Takeover, you will qualify for our Engineering System Monitoring and System Service Subscription.

Join the Jackson Solar network today and experience the difference in quality and service. Contact us to schedule your inspection and start your Site Takeover process.

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